I am a piano teacher, vocal coach, and conductor residing in San Francisco. I began to take piano lessons when I was five years old, and continued for 19 years. My dream was never to make a living as a solo concert pianist; I simply wanted to play the works of the great composers. I have succeeded in performing many of these masterpieces, and derive great pleasure in teaching others the knowledge I have acquired in my musical studies.

While still a young child, I discovered my parents' recording of The Marriage of Figaro and began a love affair with the human voice, with opera, and with Mozart—a love affair that continues to this day. I discovered the deIights of chamber music when I was 12, and began to accompany opera rehearsals when I was 16, teach piano when I was 19, coach singers when I was 22, and conduct operas when I was 25.

I have been fortunate to study with excellent music teachers: piano with Leon Fleisher at Peabody Conservatory; conducting with David Ramadanoff at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and Charles Bruck at the Pierre Monteux school in Maine; and music theory and history at Harvard University. Above all, it is the pianists I have taught, the singers I have coached, the musicians I have played with, and the orchestras I have conducted that have taught me the most.