Let nature be your teacher
– William Wordsworth


This photo was taken during the annual Flower Piano festival in Golden Gate Park, during  which 12 pianos are placed over 12 acres. It was a wonderful experience to make music amidst the beauties of nature.  

Of course playing the piano well is not just a walk in the park: it takes patience, steady effort, and a love for music. But it can inspire you as much as the wonders of nature do.

I have had excellent piano teachers with impressive pedigrees. When I was in high school I studied with Bruce Simonds, whose teacher studied with Arthur Sullivan, of Gilbert & Sullivan fame. My  last piano teacher, Leon Fleisher, has an unbroken student/teacher link that reaches back to Beethoven.

 Over the years I have given piano lessons to early intermediate, intermediate, and advanced students of all ages. Among the many things I teach are:

Independence of hands | Variety of touch and dynamics | Balancing melody and accompaniment | Mastering scales and arpeggios | How to enjoy and get results from practicing | Music analysis and theory.


I tailor my lessons to your goals.

Are you a child who reads music and loves to play piano? Did you study piano as a child and want to start playing again? Have you learned all you can from your current teacher? Do you want to advance to the next level? I am the right teacher for you.

M.M. in Piano Performance
Peabody Conservatory
Leon Fleisher, principal teacher
Here is some of the repertoire I have performed,
both solo piano and chamber music:

Bach            Italian Concerto
                    Prelude and Fugue in D major
                    Brandenburg Concerto no. 5
Mozart        Fantasy in D minor

                    Sonata in F major K. 280

                    Sonata in D-major for two pianos
                    Piano Concertos in F major and D minor
                    Piano Trios in C major and E major
                    Piano Quartets in E-flat major and G minor
                    Quintet for Piano and Winds 

Beethoven    Piano Sonatas opuses 7, 27 no. 1, 53, 90
                     Violin Sonatas in A major and C minor
                     Piano Trios op. 11, op. 70 nos. 1 and 2, op. 97
Schubert      Piano Sonatas in D major and A major
                     Piano Trios in B-flat major and E-flat major
Schumann   Fantasy in C major


Mendelssohn  Variations sérieuses
Chopin          Ballades nos. 1 and 4
                      Impromptu in F-sharp major

                      Nocturne op. 27 no. 2
Brahms         Six Pieces for Piano op. 118
                      Liebeslieder Walzes

                      Cello Sonata in E minor 
                      Trio for Piano, Violin, and Horn

                      Piano Quartets in A major and C minor
                      Piano Quintet in F minor
Debussy        Images Book 1
                      L'isle joyeuse
Messiaen      Quartet for the End of Time     
Davidovsky   Synchronism for Piano and Electronic Tape

Crumb           Vox Balaenae for Piano, Violin, and Cello

Phil's piano lessons led me through the intricacies of Mozart's Sonata in G major with patience and humor. He restored my self-confidence and my love for playing the piano.

– Michèle G.

Phil is the best piano teacher I have ever had!

– Martha F.