Le parole . . . die Wörter . . . les mots . . . Words are the starting point of a great vocal coach.
Legato, legato, legato. It is the essence of great singing.

It's not a question of which is more important, the text or the vocal line. The two are bound together inextricably. Pronouncing the words correctly—in English as well as in other languages—is only the beginning. We must use the vowels and consonants to give shape and color to the vocal line. What do the words mean? Who are these characters?  To whom are they singing? These are some of the issues a good vocal coach deals with.

None of this matters unless we keep the voice in line and sing with true legato. This is the basis of all great singing, and can be achieved in German and English as well as in French and Italian.

I have coached countless arias and art songs, and personally coached every role in the more than two dozen operas I have conducted. To see a list of these operas, scroll down my Conductor page.